Tokenizing the work

We are developing a real time processing Computer Aided Design (CAD) and a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform based on EOS blockchain architecture. It provides the best real time design tools to the community, including data sharing, video calls, instant messenger and screen sharing for the best collaborative experience, showing progress of the project management work and helping to grow your network. 

All this within an intuitive, user friendly and fast environment where the user can feel that they are part of the Cadeos Community, with interactive galleries and video tutorials that will help you to improve your technical knowledge as you move on in the process.

With this great software and product design experience CADEOS platform will be a revolution on how the companies spend their capital, saving time and resources, unifying every daily task in this unique and secure platform.

Our roadmap will start with the launch of platform; then we will build a CAD. file sharing platform for each industrial sector. The Community will be able to upload their models in their own galleries, and the users will be able to download them to be used in their own designs accordingly to their needs. will support the following extensions in the first release: .stp, .igs, stl.

The next releases in our roadmap will be mainly focused on adding new design modules and galleries to the existing platform.

As added value to the community we want to create a job network where companies will be able to post their job offers to professionals seeking job in all the areas involved such as CAD, 3D printers parts, software development, etc. Being part of this network will be free for the jobseekers creating a huge benefit to the EOS ecosystem.

Companies will just have to pay a fee for the service they will use or the duration. All invoices will be linked to a smart contract associated to their corresponding wallet. Data protection and security are guaranteed by reliability.