How does Product Lifecycle Management platform work?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing throughout the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, engineering design and manufacture, to the final implementation and recycling process. PLM software is often used when the product information and different production stages have to be managed for the entire life cycle of the product.

With CADEOS PLM you can create, store and modify all the data of your product. This data can be also managed and indexed, creating relations between each other.

CADEOS PLM will help you to manage all the processes related to the the design and production throughout the full product lifecycle, to keep the stakeholders involved in the product’s creation updated, all this in a collaborative environment supporting multiple providers and final users.

Every your CAD.files will keep relation with every technical documentation. With CADEOS you could create all revisions as you desire for each part in the product, having the best product tracking.

The solutions CAD, CAE, DMF and PDM have exceeded their basic function reaching capacities never before considered. A CAD solution has stopped being a simple mechanical design software to become a system design software with specific capabilities for each type of product, existing software for mechanical design, for plant design, for electronic component design, design pipes, complex surface design for the automotive area, for industrial design, etc.