Another big problem in product creation is the lack of technical knowledge, with CADEOS.io CAMPUS and our LEARN from STAKE programs you have the opportunity to increase your skills and capacities for design the best and more valuable product. 

LEARN from STAKE is really easy to use, you must stake your ADE tokens according to your program requirements and  which courses you want access. Our programs will be totally free for our users. 

After your active program period expired you could withdrawal 100% of your tokens, advantaging your new knowledge and your inversion for the new ideas. The duration of different courses will be the minimum time of stake, you could prolong your staking according your interest and current courses. 

You could find a few kinds of courses, some of them with tutor and the possibility of solve your doubts in our learning channels. Our tutor will recorder her daily class and you will have access 24h for not lost your progress in your learning.

Send your ADE tokens to cadeoscampus wallet and start to receive the benefices of our LEARN from STAKE programs. Your tokens will be visible all time in your balance having the possibility to control your stake timing in every moments.