How does Product Lifecycle Management platform work?


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing throughout the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, engineering design and manufacture, to the final implementation and recycling process. PLM software is often used when the product information and different production stages have to be managed for the entire life cycle of the product.

With CADEOS PLM you can create, store and modify all the data of your product. This data can be also managed and indexed, creating relations between each other.

CADEOS PLM will help you to manage all the processes related to the the design and production throughout the full product lifecycle, to keep the stakeholders involved in the product’s creation updated, all this in a collaborative environment supporting multiple providers and final users.

Our PLM System

According to your KYC every data will be encrypted, is developing her own data encryption software for avoid whatever attack or  intrusion. 

Every your updated data to PLM platform will be encrypted and  allocated in our future acquires Storage servers. Our firsts investments will be on servers purchasing and software developing for warranty to the user the best security and safety allocation than your project needs. 

Only in EOS Blockchain IPFS System will be encrypted the address where your updated files are allocated divided in hundreds of blocks. Then is adding double protections to your data and project revisions.

Via Scatter only your wallet could have access to the project and give privileges to another wallet for access to the different tools into your PLM platform.  


Storage System

image3 Servers

As mencioned, will invest in powerfull and updateables servers for keep your files as more safetly as possible. 

File datas will be encrypted and divided in hundred of blocks and all information allocated in IPFS will contain the block address for join and edit in the next file revision. 

All your product life cycle will be registered in EOS blockchain and never will be possible modify. 


An emerging standard for storing content addressable files. Content-addressable storage is a mechanism for storing information that can be retrieved based on its content rather than its location. Stated another way, all files stored using IPFS are given names derived from the hash of their content. What this means is that the same file will have the same name on every computer, and the contents of that file can never change without also changing the name of the file. It also means that when you download a file from a server you can verify that it is the exact file you requested by recalculating the name based on the content provided by the server. IPFS also provides a peer to peer (P2P) network layer that allows computers to discover and share files based on their deterministic names. However, this P2P network layer does not provide or guarantee storage, hosting, or bandwidth. As it is currently structured, the IPFS network expects users to provide their own servers and related infrastructure.

Every your CAD.files will keep relation with every technical documentation. With CADEOS you could create all revisions as you desire for each part in the product, having the best product tracking.

The solutions CAD, CAE, DMF and PDM have exceeded their basic function reaching capacities never before considered. A CAD solution has stopped being a simple mechanical design software to become a system design software with specific capabilities for each type of product, existing software for mechanical design, for plant design, for electronic component design, design pipes, complex surface design for the automotive area, for industrial design, etc.