We are developing a real time processing Computer Aided Design (CAD) and

a Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) platform based on EOS blockchain

architecture. It provides the best real time design tools to the community,

including data sharing, video calls, instant messenger and screen sharing for

the best collaborative experience, showing progress of the project

management work and helping to grow your network.

All this within an intuitive, user friendly and fast environment where the user

can feel that they are part of the CADEOS.io Community, with interactive galleries

and video tutorials that will help you to improve your technical knowledge as

you move on in the process.

With this great software and product design experience CADEOS.io platform will

be a revolution on how the companies spend their capital, saving time and

resources, unifying every daily task in this unique and secure platform.

Eliminating obstacles for creators

Today one of the biggest constrains for entrepreneurs and creators are the expensive
software licenses and, with CADEOS.io, we want to facilitate this process to everyone by
getting rid of the problem with our decentralised software. We will make the creation
process and product launch affordable and very easy within an intuitive and user friendly
By tokenising all kind of projects our users can see their ideas and effort successfully
implemented. Our platform would will bring an opportunity to those brilliant minds that
are stopped by the market barriers.
From the first sketch to the manufacture process, the users can monitor the state of your
design in our Product Life-cycle Manager (PLM) platform. Factories, suppliers and all the
3rd parties interested will be able to review your Request for Quotation (RFQ) in our
platform and send the manufacture price for each component.

How does Product Life-cycle Management platform work?

Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing throughout
the entire life-cycle of a product from inception, engineering design and
manufacture, to the final implementation and recycling process. PLM
software is often used when the product information and different production
stages have to be managed for the entire life-cycle of the product.
With CADEOS.io PLM you can create, store and modify all the data of your
product. This data can be also managed and indexed, creating relations
between each other.
CADEOS.io PLM will help you to manage all the processes related to the the
design and production throughout the full product life-cycle, to keep the
stakeholders involved in the product’s creation updated, all this in a
collaborative environment supporting multiple providers and final users.


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